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Planning Underway

It is good practice and stewardship for any water provider to plan ahead for future supply and demand conditions. NID uses its Water Planning Projections in a number of planning documents and other efforts, some required by law and others to inform decisions made about its water storage and delivery infrastructure system. Two planning efforts that are required by law are described below:

Urban Water Management Plan (UWMP)

The UWMP requires a municipal water provider to project its supplies and demands over the next 20 years, describe its conservation efforts and impacts, consider drought impacts, describe its water shortage contingency plan, consider indoor and outdoor water budgets, as well as other elements to report progress. The plan is due to the state every five years, with the next plan due July 1, 2021.

Click here for additional information and to view the Final 2020 Urban Water Management Plan - Approved July 14, 2021

Agricultural Water Management Plan (AWMP)

The AWMP is similar to the UWMP in that it is a state-mandated requirement. The plan requires an agricultural water provider to present information about its ag water customers, water usage, conservation efforts, and other management elements.  However, the AWMP is a backwards-looking document, only reporting on past data and results. The report does not have a forward-looking supply and demand projection element. The AWMP is also due to the state every five years.  

Click here for additional information and to view the Final 2020 Agricultural Water Management Plan

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